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"Romeo & Juliet" by William Shakespeare

"Romeo & Juliet - 2003

"One of the finest Friar Laurences I have seen" - Ian Flintoff, Actor, Writer, Director, Producer

"Northanger", Adapted from Jane Austen by Michael Caines

"NORTHANGER" - Jackson's Lane Theatre 2002

"Mr & Mrs Allen, (Alan Charlesworth & Nicola Marsland), expand on stage from peripheral characters of Inanity, to a couple out of Sheridan by way of Mike Leigh" - Times Literary Supplement

"In Lambeth" by Jack Shepherd

'IN LAMBETH' by Jack Shepherd - Etcetera Theatre 2001

"Alan Charlesworth portrays Paine as a courteous but committed Republican, diffident at first but growing in confidence as the wine flows .... a fiery debate fuelled by brandy" - John Thaxter, "What's On"

"Alan Charlesworth's stentorian Paine is a blustering but moving portrait of gouty radicalism" - William McEvoy, "The Stage"

"Shepherd teases out a wonderfully imaginative, inflammatory confrontation between these great minds (Wm Blake & Thomas Paine) ... Paine is so flustered he can hardly speak .... and a stumbling Alan

Charlesworth generates moments of real passion as the beleaguered Paine" - Lucy Powell, "Time Out "

"Lord Beckington (90) Reads From His Award-Winning "Romantic Memoirs" " by Kieron Barry

"LORD BECKINGTON"  2000 - The Man in the Moon Theatre, Chelsea, London 

"The performance is an 80 minute tour de force for Alan Charlesworth, making a late acting debut in this tiny Chelsea fringe venue, with the white whiskers and quavery voice of an ancient asthmatic, but otherwise in glowing healthy maturity. Warmly recommended" - John Thaxter, "The Stage"

"It is difficult to categorise ... Kieron Barry's play ... It is a slight whimsy, an evening of lethargic contentment. True, it gives an actor a chance to show us his mettle, and Alan Charlesworth does so with sureness. The programme claims it is his debut - I could have been fooled. The actor is consummate and there are no worries on that score. He commands the stage with as much force as this gentle evening allows and shows he has a good deal of talent" - Paul Nelson, Wandsworth Borough News

"LORD BECKINGTON"  2001 - Rosemary Branch Theatre, Islington & Cranleigh Arts Centre, Surrey 

" A captivating trip down memory lane" - Juliet Rufford, Highbury & Islington Gazette

"... an impressive debut as the ancient and warm Lord Beckington. He commands the stage admirably and shows genuine warmth when discussing the love of his life ... and detached realism when reminiscing over his somewhat undistinguished career in Law" - Joel Taylor, Camden New Journal.

"Alan Charlesworth is a convincing Lord Beckington, a man whose personality is not particularly attractive. Physically, Alan's portrayal is excellent. the breathy, slightly shaky voice, the shambling gait, even the creaky knees ... I couldn't like the dry old stick, but I could, and did, understand him and feel sorry for him" - Margaret Burgess, Surrey Advertiser