About Me

Earlier Days!

Before turning to acting professionally I spent 28 years working for the BBC, in TV Drama in the "glory days", rising from a humble clerk into production as an Assistant Floor Manager, then Location Manager, Production Manager, First Assistant Director and Director.

New Beginnings!

After a 12 month Post Grad Course at Drama Studio London, age 50, I turned to professional acting in 2000 and launched my new career by playing a 90 year old Lord, in a 75 minute one man show at The Man in the Moon Theatre, Chelsea. Since then, I have usually played nearer to my own age and I am now in my late 60s!

And Now?

Although I have been taking a break from acting since 2012 for personal reasons,  I am now open to offers of dramatic works again for Theatre, Radio, TV or Film, at professional rates.   

I do believe it is best to be honest!  I am not looking for very long term contracts and have no interest in TV Ads, Film Ads, Video Games or Website only jobs.

I no longer have an Agent as I now prefer to be independent and make my own choices. I am a Full Member of Equity.

Please contact me for any further information, either Direct or via Spotlight - see "Contact Me" below.

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Contact Me

Direct via email at mail@alancharlesworth.co.uk

Or Via "Spotlight"

t: 020-7437 7631 

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