Performance Reviews

"The Company of Strangers" by Carol Bunyan

The World Premiere of Carol Bunyan's dark new comedy "THE COMPANY OF STRANGERS" was at The Courtyard Theatre, London from August 30th to September 25th 2011. Directed by Carol Bunyan and Produced by Alan Charlesworth.

"Nick (Alan Charlesworth) is a dedicated but overly enthusiastic nurse at the Restmore Nursing home. His life revolves around envisaging ever more ridiculous games to entertain his weary and bemused patients. His booming opening soliloquy addresses the audience as if they too were patients, immediately immersing the audience into the home’s bleak atmosphere ….. The part of Nick was written specifically for Charlesworth and it shows. His amazingly malleable face and bulging eyes are amusing in and of themselves, but beneath this there is a sense of something darker underlying his endless, idiotic games."

William Severs, "EXEUNT"


"Colourings" by Andrew Keatley

"COLOURINGS" is a challenging and engaging play with a tough centre. It is masterfully written and courageously acted with promising direction and a pulsing tension throughout..... all in all there is an honesty which radiates from the piece, making it engaging, watchable and subtly powerful.  With so much violence hitting the headlines at the moment, there is a chilling relevance to Keatley's play, and the characterisations are hauntingly real ... a theatrical feat that is helped in no small measure by a strong cast.

Su Douglas and ALAN CHARLESWORTH are equally well suited as the bumbling older parents who have re-routed their nurturing skills into their garden in search of quicker and more pleasant results than their parenting has yielded.

Kate Jackson, WHAT'S ON STAGE


In the hands of new talent trio first-time writer Andrew Keatley, director Derek Bond (a 2008 JMK finalist) and actor Alex Price (who makes a potent professional debut), "Colourings" is a persuasive study of who we think we are and how much of that is actually true. Honest writing, fluid direction and a truthful central performance give life to the most unlikely anti-hero

Tamara Gausi, TIME OUT

It's a thoughtful portrayal of a stubborn young man, battling with his inner demons, ably rendered by a dynamic cast. Tight dialogue, sprinkled with wit, cynicism and star performances make this a must-see piece.


Director Derek Bond's elegant production of "Colourings" draws out fine performances

Lucy Powell, METRO

"Tchaikovsky & Me" by Jonathan Lennie

"TCHAIKOVSKY & ME" is one of a series of Monologues entitled "Classical Assassins" 

"A little piece of theatrical heaven. Charlesworth is Pyotr Illych's life-long friend & lawyer - the very embodiment of a proud 19th century Russian. It is a marvellous, touching piece of theatre, and we would gladly return for another bout of heart wrenching revelations" -

"Brilliantly performed. Each of the players powerfully evokes a sense of time and place" - Camden New Journal

"Five unusual and highly engaging monologues" - Jason Best THE STAGE